Amy & Ivor is a small British brand handcrafting luxury, quality, stylish, baby and toddler leather moccasins. Every item is handmade in England and uses 100% Chrome free leather which allows your little ones to chew to their hearts content knowing that no harm will come to your child. Alice Hedley, Owner and Designer of Amy & Ivor is passionate about shoes for tiny feet and has designed a range with your kids development in mind. "Baby and toddlers have a soft developing bone structure of a child’s foot is better left to grow unrestricted. Children’s developing motor skills as they start to move can be hindered by heavily structured and cumbersome footwear. With an ethical and environmentally conscious mind-set, we have strived to source the best quality and most eco friendly and safest materials to use in their shoes."

Amy & Ivor shoes have been rated ‘the best barefoot shoes for children’ by The Green Parent (the UK’s leading natural parenting magazine).